Multimedia design is fun!

So why not study with us?

first semester

In the first semester, you are goingto learn the basic foundation for multimedia work. The main focus of the first semester is on learning the appropriate software.

In the end of the semester, you will be able to build your own personal portfolio website, where you can showcase all your production.

The semester is divided into four blocks: design, interaction, communication, and business.

design interaction communication business


First semester exam is individual. The task for the first semester exam is to create a personal portfolio, effectively applying all the knowledge gained during the semester.

second semester

The second semester is focused on broadening the knowledge gained in the first semester and putting it into a practical perspective.

Same as the first semester, second semester is divided into four blocks: design, interaction, communication, and business.

design interaction communication business

While the first semester is focused more on the basic knowlesge from each of the fields, secons semester focuses more on the interconnectivity and practical application of these fields.


The second semester exam is team-based. The task is to create a digital marketing plan for an existing company, applying the knowledge gained during the first year of your studies.

third semester

The third semester focuses more on the 3D, games and motion graphics. You will also meet our guest lecturer David Fratto (more about this in the Extra section).

This is also the semester which gives you the opportunity to specialize further in a field of your choice, be it graphic design, web design and development, game development, animation, or video production.

The semester focuses on these areas: design, interaction, communication, and game production.

design interaction communication gaming


For the third semester exam, you can choose whether you want to work individually or in a team. The goal of the exam is to show the skills you've learned in a production of your choice.

fourth semester

The fourth and last semester of your studies focuses on getting you in the real world, so that you experience how real design businesses work.

During the fourth semester, you are going to spend three semesters interning for a company of your choice. The outcome of your internship will be a project thesis made in collaboration with your internship company.


The final exam of your studies focuses on applying all the knowledge gained in all the previous semesters to a project of your choice.

Job possibilities

When you finish your multimedia studies, there are various possibilities for you. You can work in any design related field as web, graphic, game, or product designer. You can also pursue a carreer as an animator or video maker. Another option is also a web, app or game developer or programmer. You can also work in project management or marketing related positions.

As an IBA Multimedia graduate, you can also choose to widen your expertise and study futher for a Bachelor's or Master's degree.


Our school will provide you with all the equipment you need for your creative work.



In our creative space, we have 20" dual core iMacs. They are equipped with the newest versions of Adobe CS and Final Cut software packages.


MacBook Pro

As a new IBA Multimedia student, you can lease a fully equipped MacBook Pro for 6000DKK. It is a 15", 16Gb RAM, including all the student licensed software you are going to need during the program.



We use a wide range of software. This includes much of the Adobe CS package (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects), and Apple Final Cut Studio (Motion and Soundtrack Pro). We also use Unity 3D and Cinema 4D.


... and more

We also have all kinds of video production equipment, such as cameras, tripods, zooms, microphones and more. All of this equipment can be freely borrowed from the school.

green screen

green screen

Part of our school is a green screen studio for video production, which you are free to use whenever needed.


real life projects

real life projects

Working with real life companies and productions is an essential aprt of the IBA Multimedia education.

There are two weeks on each semester dedicated to a real life project. For these projects, we bring in various companies to give our students interesting assignments.

film festival

film festival

During the third semester, you are going to meet our guest lecturer from San Francisco, David Fratto, who will be hosting a two-week video production workshop. This workshop finishes off with a fantastic movie festival showing all student movies made during the workshop.


Have a look at portfolios of some of our students, explore their work, and get to know what kinds of skills you can learn! > > >

Aija Skrastina
Aija Skrastina, LT
Pasi Virtakari
Pasi Virtakari, FI
Anders Christensen
Anders Christensen, DK
Bjorgvin Petur Sigurjonsson
Björgvin Pétur Sigurjónsson, IS
Daniel Nielsen
Daniel Nielsen, DK
Cecilie Lehmann
Cecilie Lehmann, DK
Beata Biskupicova
Beáta Biskupicová, SK
Mirka Volakova
Mirka Voláková, CZ


The teachers at IBA Multimedia work in close cooperation with the students, and prefer an informal communication. Continue to the right to meet each and every one of them. > > >


Michael Jørgensen

Michael is the head of IBA Multimedia, and teaches interaction and programming database construction.

Educational background

Social science and software engineering.

Work experience

Robot software building, self employed, teacher.


Brian Jørgensen

Brian is the guy for everything: he is the one to get advice and borrow equipment from, and he also holds coding and animation workshops from time to time.

Educational background

Multimedia designer.

Work experience



Morten Jul Petersen

Morten teaches design, motion graphics, video editing, project management and communication. He is certified as an Apple Pro and Trainer in Final Cut Pro and Motion.

Educational background

MBA in Marketing and multimedia studies at SDU.

Work experience

Advertising, selling, management and web design, teaching.


Trine Falbe Larsen

Trine teaches visual communication including graphic design, UI design, UX design and user centric design.

Educational background

Multimedia designer.

Work experience

Project manager, marketing consultant and web designer at Syddanske Medier.


Andreas Bach-Laursen

Andreas teaches communication.

Educational background

Multimedia designer, BA in Medialogy from Aalborg university, Master's in IT, Communication and Organisation from SDU.

Work experience

IT-consultant, project manager.


Per Dueholm

Per teaches business.

Educational background

B.Sc. in Economy, M.Sc. in Business Administration

Work experience

Over 20 years of experience with marketing, management, and consulting.


Malene Patche Kjeldsen

Malene teaches interaction.

Educational background

B.Sc. in informatics from Aalborg University, M.Sc. in IT product design from SDU.

Work experience

Research assistant, teacher.


Tina Filsøe

Tina teaches design.

Educational background

BA in Sketching and Graphic design from Kolding School of Design.

Work experience

Designer at LEGO, teacher.


Rasmus Ruby

Rasmus teaches interaction.

Educational background


Work experience



Søren Storm Kristensen

Søren teaches communication.

Educational background


Work experience


EU citizens

At IBA Multimedia, there is an Autuum semester start, and a Spring semester start. The application deadlines differs for each semester. For the autumn semester, the application deadline is 5th July. For the spring semester, the application deadline is 12th December.

To be accepted for the IBA Multimedia programme, you must have completed a Danish/French Baccalauréat (DFB), the European Baccalaureate (EB), the International Baccalaureate (IB), the Option Internationale du Baccalauréat (OIB) or another foreign qualifying examination certificate that is equal wish a Danish upper secondary school leaving certificate. You can also have a relevant business education in stead.

Read more about applying as a EU citizen

Non-EU citizens

The application deadline for the IBA Multimedia programme for international Non-EU students is 15th March. Admission requirements for Non-EU citizens for an AP Degree in Multimedia Design and Communication are described in the PDF below

Read more about applying as a Non-EU citizen

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